Toronto on a Serious Roll

Toronto and its burgeoning tech scene stand to be major beneficiaries of the United States’ changing immigration policy, in particular alterations to the vaunted H-1B visa program that has supercharged Silicon Valley growth with ultra talented immigrants.  At Cidel, our global reach and client base confirms this: “never has interest in Toronto and Canada been so high”.  Writing in Time, Salim Teja of MaRS takes a closer look.

A King Looms Large Over Brexit

Now that Theresa May has invoked Article 50, the provision that starts negotiations on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, attention turns to the quagmire of laws that need to be “de-Europeanized”.  This brings us to Henry VIII’s marital troubles, which led to Britain’s original Brexit –  from the theological leadership of Continental Europe. The broad powers used by the King then are now set to be deployed to unwind four decades of EU membership, and not everyone’s happy. The New York Times investigates.

Dress Code of the Urban Adventurist

All those puffer jackets and down vests you see everywhere?  You can thank (or blame) two companies: The North Face and Patagonia.  Inextricably linked, both have masterfully sold the allure of the wilderness to urbanites for decades now.  Beyond that, however, are two unique companies whose social values, and wariness of over-consumption, impact their entire operations.

How To Be Happy

What can we learn about achieving a lifetime of health and happiness from Harvard’s remarkable 75 year study on adult development?  A lot, as seen in this fantastic TED Talk delivered by the study’s director Robert Waldinger.