Schwarzman Takes Stock

Stephen Schwarzman, the founder of private equity colossus Blackstone, is arguably the most powerful, and polarizing, person on Wall Street. What is unarguable, however, is the remarkable success he has had in keeping Blackstone one step ahead of the competition. Bloomberg interviews this complex figure as he reaches the stage in his life where business, politics and philanthropy are intersecting on a scale not seen in a very long time.

“Lefty” Flirting with Danger

With summer finally here, we thought a finance-related golf story was in order. Jeffrey Toobin shares the wild story of golf legend Phil Mickelson’s involvement in the insider trading scandal that took down one of the world’s most notorious gamblers.

“You either have a rich dad, a big heart, or you’re a complete moron.”

Evan Sequeira of Capitalize for Kids, an innovative charitable organization focused on supporting children’s mental health and traumatic brain injury research, shares the compelling story of why he left the high stakes world of global capital markets to join a start-up non-profit working out of a 500 square foot condo. Needless to say, his decision shocked many in his network, but now a year into his new position, he breaks down some of the myths of working in the charitable sector.

iPhone: Ten Years In

Times flies, as evidenced by the ten year anniversary of the launch of the iPhone – in hindsight a seminal moment for our society. The Wall Street Journal has produced a phenomenal video on the launch of the phone, interviewing all the key players who worked around the clock to bring Steve Jobs’ vision to life.