The $99 Billion Idea

They are the two most ubiquitous app companies in the world, each with different personalities and cultures but sharing many common characteristics. In an excerpt from his upcoming book on Uber and Airbnb, Brad Stone gets incredible access into the behemoths’ early days, how it shaped them and what the future holds.

Rising from the Depths

Thankfully, discussion and acknowledgement of mental illness is coming out of the shadows, in part thanks to brave individuals like Kenneth Irving, former CEO of Irving Oil. This at times shocking profile of the Irving family scion provides a sobering yet ultimately uplifting look in to the depths of depression and self-harm. It also showcases the powerful role that investigative journalism can have in addressing issues important to our society. Please read.

Thinking Looonnnnggg Term

Many investors are myopically focused on the quarterly earnings merry-go-round and the long-term objectives of a management team are lost in the weeds. In Canadian Business, Galen G. Weston articulately outlines the magic ingredient possessed by family-run businesses: patience, and the ability to think in decades not quarters.

A More Productive Version of Yourself

Ok, so we’re a month in to the New Year. How are your resolutions going? If yours’ revolved around increasing productivity and becoming more focused (a highly desirable outcome in this digital overload world of ours), then we recommend this article from QZ on the most common traits of highly productive people. Simple yet smart.