Not Wasting Away

As we head into the last weekend of the summer, why not kick off the shoes, lean back on a dock, pour yourself a margarita….and read the amazing story of how Jimmy Buffet turned his classic song “Margaritaville” into a billion dollar industry.

Big Leagues or Bust

For many parents, the start of fall not only means a return to school, but also a return to the manic intensity of their children’s sports. And that intensity has translated into major business. Time takes a fascinating look at the $15 billion kids sports industry.

A Simple Formula

As in investing, sometime the most powerful articles are the simplest ones. This piece by Gary Mishuris of Silver Ring Value Partners fits that bill. Great investing can be boiled down to patience, repeatable processes, stripping out emotion, and – a somewhat rare commodity in the machismo world of global finance – a healthy dose of humility.

Kale on Sale

As Amazon quickly puts its stamp on Whole Foods, the rest of the grocery complex is feeling the tremors. The Atlantic investigates what will be a transformative era for the industry, and could portend further shakeups in the retail landscape.