March 2023

Arthur Heinmaa, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, examines the rapid failure of the Silicon Valley Bank.

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It has been said that the two certainties in life are death and taxes.  It is therefore no surprise that planning for these certainties has become an increasingly popular topic.  Typically, planning for death and taxes involves executing a last will and testament (i.e., a will), which is a legal document that designates how your assets will be managed and distributed after death.

It can be daunting to think about one’s own death and how to divide assets among loved ones.  But there are several reasons why it is imperative to have a valid will in place, including the ability to choose a guardian for one’s minor children; protecting and planning for minors’ inheritance; avoiding unnecessary headaches for family members; making desired charitable donations; and minimizing probate fees and taxes.  Further, planning ahead provides the ability to choose a trusted executor/trustee to carry out one’s wishes.  A trust company, like Cidel Trust Company*, can be appointed as an executor/trustee to reduce the burden and potential liability of estate administration on family and friends.

Just as importantly, making a will allows an individual to choose the persons or organizations they wish to leave money to and in what amounts.  However, if an individual dies intestate (i.e., without a will), the distribution of their estate is governed by the specific intestacy rules of the province in which they are domiciled, which rules may not be on par with the person’s wishes.  In Ontario, for example, the laws on intestacy are set out in Part II of the Succession Law Reform Act.  The Succession Law Reform Act provides for a list of individuals, in hierarchical order, to whom the law presumes the deceased would have wanted to leave money.  For example:

  • if you are married and have no children at the time of your death, your spouse will inherit your entire estate;
  • if you are married with children, your spouse will first inherit a “preferential share” of the value of your estate and the remainder of the estate (if any) is divided among your spouse and children (how the remainder is split depends on the number of children you have).  The regulations made under the Succession Law Reform Act were recently amended to increase the value of a surviving spouse’s “preferential share” from $200,000 to $350,000 where a deceased died intestate on or after March 1, 2021;
  • if you are not survived by a spouse or any issue, your estate is distributed to your closest living blood relatives (for example, parents would take priority over all other living relatives. If your parents are not alive, your siblings will inherit your estate in equal shares. If your siblings are not alive, your nieces and nephews, etc.); and
  • if you have no next of kin, your estate will escheat to the Crown (i.e., your property will become the Crown’s property).  This is quite rare.

In the event of an intestacy, common-law spouses do not have the same statutory rights to an estate as married spouses.  However, while the law provides a roadmap as to who should receive an intestate person’s estate or a share thereof, a common-law spouse, an unhappy family member, or a multitude of other persons can nevertheless come after the estate and fight for a piece of the pie.  It is therefore best to make a will and avoid the costly and time-consuming litigation that would ensue in the case of an intestacy.

Many difficulties can arise because of insufficient or improper estate planning.  Making a will and ensuring one’s estate planning is up to date can prevent a myriad of adverse outcomes after death, including complicated estate administration and costly litigation.  If you have any concerns or questions about the current status of your estate planning, please contact your Wealth Consultant to discuss your options.

* Please contact your Wealth Consultant to learn about how Cidel Trust Company, a federally licensed trust company, can assist with the administration of your estate.

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There has been an unprecedented transfer of wealth from one generation to the next in recent years.  In addition, people are living longer and, more and more, we are seeing complicated estates as a result of individuals and families moving to or owning assets in different jurisdictions.  As a result of these new realities, there is an ever-increasing need to have appropriate strategies in place to address concerns of conveying wealth to the next generation, aging, and maintaining a family or business legacy.

At Cidel, we are committed to empowering our clients with practical knowledge in the areas of trusts, estates, capacity, and succession planning to allow clients to navigate through these sensitive considerations.  Wealth Matters – Our Insights will bring together trusted legal, accounting, and other professionals to discuss interesting topics that are relevant to you.

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January 2023

Charles Lannon, CFA, discusses Cidel’s Global Equity Strategy and new investments made in the last quarter of 2022. He elaborates on equity performance for 2022 and shares his views on the outlook for 2023.

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December 2022

Ryan Elliott, one of our Toronto based Wealth Consultants, was invited by BNN Bloomberg for a discussion on inflation, how the markets are reacting to key data and how Cidel positions client portfolios for success in current market environments. The discussion is a wide ranging one covering topics that clients have brought up with our team in recent weeks. We invite you to watch the two segments that BNN Bloomberg have made available on their site by clicking here.

November 2022

We are pleased to present our Q3 insights and commentaries.

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October 2022

Autumn reminds us of heading back to school. Therefore, with the back-to-school feeling in mind we are going back-to-basics about how we invest at Cidel.

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August 2022

Please enjoy our teams insights, commentaries and Cidel In The News.

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July 2022

The dominant narrative in the market this quarter was, unsurprisingly, a debate surrounding whether or not the global economy would fall into recession, when that might be, and how severe? 

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June 2022

If you are feeling uneasy or anxious about the current state of the markets, you’re not alone. Our latest post is a reminder that, in the long-run, things almost always work out for the better.

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May 2022

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, our estate planning overview, a breakdown of stock rivalries and more. Enjoy!

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April 2022

Equities had a memorable first quarter of 2022, but entirely for awful reasons.

Early in the quarter markets exhibited weakness as they continued to digest the reality that persistent inflation was helping to bring the era of extreme central bank and fiscal liquidity to a close. 

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February 2022

Click here to read Arthur Heinmaa’s, Chief Investment Officer, views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

January 2022

Our Charles Lannon, Senior Vice President and Head of Equities,  provides his commentary on our Global Equity Strategy. He begins:

“2021 was another year of double digit returns in global equities, with the MSCI World Index returning 22.3% in U.S. dollar terms (or 21.2% in Canadian dollar terms). This strong annual return is consistent with a sharp rebound in both economic growth and earnings. It is projected that global GDP growth in 2021 will come in around 5.9% the best result in well over a decade.”



December 2021

We are ending the year on a charitable note. Our partnership with the Salvation Army of Barbados has progressed over 20 years and we are happy to support them once again.

Our ethos of corporate social responsibility has led us to create The Children First Trust charity. This year we felt the need to make a more significant contribution and expand our efforts to include more families in need.

Read the full article here.

October 2021

Our Q3 2021 Quarterly Report is out!

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, our partnership with TwinRiver Capital Group, a podcast recording from our Latin American team and more. Enjoy!

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Our partnership with TwinRiver Capital Group marks a new milestone.

We have just announced the launch of the Cidel-TwinRiver Global Impact Fund (the “TwinRiver Global Impact Fund” or the “Fund”).

This new Fund offers investors exposure to companies working intentionally and pro-actively on making a positive social and environmental contribution.

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August 2021

Our Q2 2021 Quarterly Report is out!

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, our acquisition of Lorica, a recording on timing the market and more. Enjoy!

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July 2021

Cidel Asset Management Inc. (Cidel) and TwinRiver Capital are pleased to announce our new partnership.

“Cidel is very excited to be a founding partner with TwinRiver, and to support the growth of this important new firm.  We see the growing demand for impact products from our clients.  We are confident that the TwinRiver team is uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of impact investing for both individual investors and institutions,” said Henry Perren, President of Cidel.

TwinRiver is focused on serving a new generation of private, public and philanthropic investors looking to make a positive difference with their capital. The TwinRiver platform will provide those investors with opportunities to achieve tangible social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns – the “twin rivers” of a future financial system.

Read the full press release here.

June 2021

Cidel’s Ben Arrindell has been awarded the Commander of the British Empire (CBE).

He has received this award for his contributions to the international business services sector in Barbados.​ Ben, while also Deputy Chairman of Cidel Bank & Trust, is an ‘in-demand’ speaker on the international tax circuit. He is advisor and consult to many institutions; one being the United Nations Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters.

No one is more deserving of this award than Ben, who, over the last 30 years, has made significant contributions to the development of international business policy in Barbados.

Cidel was proud to sponsor the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) Annual Conference that took place June 15-17, 2021.

This annual conference is CAUBO’s flagship development event, with sessions focusing on trends and hot topics in higher education.

More information can be found here.

May 2021

Cidel Asset Management Inc. (Cidel) and Lorica Investment Counsel Inc. (Lorica) are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement under which Cidel will acquire 100% of Lorica.

Lorica brings to Cidel exceptional talent and a client base that comprises about $900 million in assets. The current President of Lorica, Gary Morris, will assume leadership of Cidel’s Fixed Income team. “I am excited to work with the portfolio management team at Cidel and look forward to providing clients with quality solutions and leveraging the additional resources that Cidel has to offer” says Gary.

Arthur Heinmaa, Cidel’s Chief Investment Officer explains that Cidel’s business has grown significantly in recent years and with changes in the market, fixed income investing faces the need for even more resources and talent. “Our clients continue to look for innovative solutions for income investing. Gary and his team are ideally positioned to complement and build on Cidel’s capabilities”

“The goal is first and foremost about building capabilities for clients and adding the best talent to our team. We look forward to welcoming Lorica and its clients to Cidel and are excited about the new opportunities that will result.” According to Cidel’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Rimer.

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and is anticipated to close in June 2021.

Click here to read the Press Release.

April 2021

Our Q1 2021 Quarterly Report is out!

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, investment team research, a recording of our ESG strategy and more. Enjoy!

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March 2021

Our Q4 2020 Quarterly Report is out!

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, vaccines on investing, a recording of our investment conference and more. Enjoy!

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We recently held the second event in our Not-For-Profit Series.

Our Christy DeCosimo and Catherine Jackman sat down virtually to speak with Hugh MacPhie, a highly experienced Not-For-Profit advisor.

The presentation focused on the art and science of strategic planning.


Presentation Video

Presentation Slides

Harvard Business Review Article Link

December 2020

Our Barbados office partnered with Lions International​ for ‘Operation Christmas’ to supply household goods and food for 200 families.

They worked together to fill these hampers with food, toiletries and other essential household goods.

Watch our Barbados team in action!


We were pleased to be a sponsor, and our Catherine Jackman a speaker, at the Canadian Investment Institute.

This event aimed to educate trustees in the pension sector.

Catherine co-presented on the ripple effects of low rates, insights from Japan’s “lost decade” and considerations for pension plans.

Follow us for event details here.

Our own Catherine Jackman and Christy DeCosimo spoke at the virtual Foundation, Endowment & Not For Profit Investment Summit on December 3, 2020.

This event highlighted the use of effective investment strategy to mitigate risks, achieve better portfolio performance and meet a not-for-profit organization’s stated mandate.

Our team gave an enlightening presentation on corporations, society and the shifting dynamics.

See our team in action.

November 2020

The holiday spirit begins at Cidel Bank & Trust Barbados with a donation of $25,000 along with 40 tablets to children in need.

The donation was made recently at the Salvation Army’s Reed Street headquarters. It is part of the Bank’s ongoing outreach efforts to assist schools and vulnerable groups within the surrounding area of its Collymore Rock location.

Some students either had no access to online classrooms or had to use their parents’ cellphones to access online classes – a situation that was not tenable.

Cidel is proud to say our donation will not only help with the current learning situation but also for further years of education in Barbados.

Read the full article here.


Last week we hosted our Annual Investment Discussion.

Our event ended with a panel of Cidel experts who discussed the key factors, risks and the impact of the election as well as COVID-19.

Click Here to watch the 20 minute discussion.

Cidel has sponsored CPA Alberta‘s Annual Forum that covers industry news.

We are proud to promote an event that is about looking forward and exploring the possibilities.

Click Here for more information.

Our Q3 2020 Quarterly Report is out!

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, a podcast on ESG, award nomination outcomes and more. Enjoy!

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October 2020

Cidel continues to look for client centric solutions and the partnership with ERI and its OLYMPIC Banking System which started in 2016 has allowed Cidel to continue to be a major player in the UHNW space.

 The implementation of the OLYMPIC Banking System achieved a number of positive outcomes:

  1. Cidel eliminated 3 existing systems resulting in a significant annual cost savings both in license costs and IT support.
  2. The system enabled client relationship managers to focus on building client relationships instead of building reports. This helped Cidel grow its AUM even during the initial stages of the implementation
  3. Reduced the amount of time spent on regulatory reporting required by OSFI, OSC, SEC, FACTCA, AML.
  4. Increased the accuracy and timeliness of performance reporting, including attribution analysis, to clients
  5. Allowed flexibility in reporting through the use of a data warehouse instead of using pre-programmed stock reports.
  6. Enabled the implementation of a new client facing website eliminating the need to use a third party vendor.
  7. Allowed STP trading and settlement at multiple custodians in multiple jurisdictions. Trading staff were able to focus on trading instead of trade settlement.
  8. Introduced enhanced security features to align user access with securities legislation requirements.
  9. Integrated the bank functions into the wealth management operations allowing clients to quickly access loan facilities
  10. Decreased the amount of time that auditors spent during Cidel’s annual audit.

Our committed partnership with ERI implementing our OLYMPIC Banking System has led to this huge success for both companies. The solution has already been chosen by more than 300 financial institutions and banks worldwide. ERI with more than 30 years of expertise, also won the Best Banking System category for 2019 at the Systems in the City Financial Technology Awards (London, United Kingdom), out of 10,000 votes from across the industry and a total of 121 nominated companies.

As an example of the efficiencies obtained from using the new system, Cidel Asset Management has processed, for a single client, over 77,000 individual trades and settled the trades with multiple custodians. This entire operation was done without a single error or a failed trade. The error free implementation & strong investment performance gave the client confidence to increase his allocation to us in the succeeding months.

Cidel Bank Canada has over 175 employees in its offices in Canada and abroad and oversees over $14 billion of client assets.

Click to read the OLYMPIC Banking System Press Release.


During October, Cidel was joined by leaders in the Not-for-Profit (NFP) community for a virtual session on governance.

Our guest speaker, Don McCreesh, a Not-for-Profit (NFP) governance expert, was hosted by Cidel’s Christy DeCosimo and Catherine Jackman.

Many NFP organizations have faced increased stakeholder concern with governance policies and fundraising during the pandemic. Governance is more key than ever.

For Cidel it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the great work that these organizations do across Canada and elsewhere. It is a privilege for us to be involved with those who work so hard to build stronger communities which is near and dear to our firm culture.

Cidel is proud to contribute to worthy causes and even more proud of our staff who use their own time to volunteer.   Whether it is coaching hockey, serving meals at shelters or working on boards – we should all celebrate the great accomplishments and critical role NFPs play.

A big thank you to Don, to our attendees and to all the volunteers and staff at NFPs who are so dedicated to their missions.

Click here for the presentation.

September 2020

Are you aware Canada has been ranked SECOND in Soundness of Banks by the  World Economic Forum?

We have the same value as Finland at the top spot!

See the full ranking of countries​.

August 2020

Our Q2 2020 Quarterly Report is out!

This report covers topics including Cidel’s performance summary, non-profit organizations, award nominations and more. Enjoy!

Click here to read.

July 2020

Our Barbados office sprang into action this month to help 250 vulnerable households.

Thousands of Barbadians have been impacted by widespread job loss due to COVID-19. Cidel Bank & Trust’s humanitarian project ballooned into a major partnership with the Lions Clubs of Barbados.

It was a matched donation and the substantial funds raised through the staff project was matched by Cidel Bank & Trust. This donation allowed for the purchase of essential food items, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as personal care products for entire families. A special component of the initiative included the distribution of 12 electronic tablets for students in affected homes who required the devices to continue their education online.

Families were selected using the Lions Clubs’ registry of persons in need. Cidel employees were also asked to identify affected households whose main breadwinners had been laid-off during the national shutdown or worked in sectors that remain closed due to the halt in tourism and international travel. All of this was possible based on the help of Shonda Forde, a long-standing member of the Lions Club.

For Carol-Ann Smith, President of the Cidel Staff and Activities Committee, it was a satisfying moment as she joined other employees and Lions Club members preparing over 250 care packages. She added: “COVID-19 has shown us just how fortunate we are. We had great participation from all our staff and we are really pleased with the outcome.”

Ryle Weeks – President of Cidel Bank and Trust commented that“This is one of our biggest projects to date and we wanted, as a company to give back to our communities and demonstrate our commitment to this country. We are fortunate as a company because none of our employees have been impacted by jobs cuts. Our staff are still employed full-time and at full pay and we believe it was incumbent on us to share with others during this difficult time.”

View the full news story here.

We are honoured to receive, for a third year, the Chambers and Partners High Net Worth Award.

Cidel is considered by 2020 sources to be a “big player in the private client space.” One commentator describes it as “one of the best available in Canada,” while another highlights that “they have some good people working there and they are a go-to for investment and trust services.”

In an interview one person had this to say:

“They are my favourite, they stand out absolutely,” an interviewee enthuses; “I love to refer clients there, they give the best personal service and they provide help to clients all the way through. They are so responsive and thoughtful. They truly stand out to me, they are a leader for banking and trusts.”

We feel very proud of our achievements and will continue to provide great services​ to our clients.

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June 2020

We have been a proud sponsor of the YWCA Toronto Women of Distinction Awards for the past 3 years and as an event that raises a substantial amount of funds for the organization, we were saddened to learn that, due to this difficult and unprecedented time, it had to be postponed.  To help the organization meet the huge shortfall, Cidel, along with other event sponsors, moved forward with their sponsorships, as a 2020 donation to YWCA Toronto.

YWCA Toronto’s mission remains to provide safe and supportive spaces for the most vulnerable women and girls in Toronto.  The programs that would have directly benefitted from the funds raised still need support, and the added threat of COVID-19 has increased the need.

Please consider joining Cidel in the support of YWCA Toronto and Click Here if you are able to do so.

We are pleased to announce that our team has been nominated for The SIACharts Inc. Award for Digital Innovator of the Year​.

The awards process includes an industry-wide call for nominations, research, finalist submissions, and winner selection by a judging panel comprising independent experts in the wealth management and financial advice industries.​

We are incredibly excited to be recognized among the top in our industry by the Wealth Professional Awards. This event has been running 6 years and is the leading independent awards event for the wealth management industry.

April 2020

Our Q1 2020 Quarterly Report is out! This report covers topics including Cidel’s equity strategy, pension plans, non-profit organizations and more. Enjoy!

Click here to read.

March 2020

Click Here to read a message from our Chief Investment Officer.

Click Here to read a message from our Chief Investment Officer.

February 2020

Cidel’s Q4 2019 Quarterly Report is out! This report covers topics including impeachment, Japanification, non-profit organizations and more.


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December 2019

The Founder’s Awards are given to members who have made ‘an exceptional and outstanding long term contribution to the Society above and beyond that normally expected of a member through office in his or her branch or elsewhere in the voluntary life of the Society’.

Congratulations Amanda Lashley for being a recipient of the 2019 STEP Founder’s Awards!

Speaking at the Canadian Investment Review’s 2019 Defined Benefit Investment Forum in Toronto on Dec. 6, Charles Lannon, head of equities atCidel Asset Management Inc., discussed whether Europe and the United States are destined for a similar fate as Japan.

Click here to read:

Over the past few weeks, Cidel has hosted several events where Charles Lannon, Cidel’s Head of Equity Research shared Lessons From Japan.

He addressed whether or not there are learnings for the rest of the world from Japan’s decades of slow growth and very low interest rates.

Click here to read:

November 2019

Cidel Asset Management has been appointed to manage Canadian equities for a leading Canadian financial institution. We are excited to partner with ATB Wealth, the wealth management arm of ATB Financial, as sub advisor to their innovative investment platform.

ATB Financial is an Alberta-built financial institution that serves more than 750,000 Albertans from over 300 locations. Cidel looks forward to a successful partnership.

October 2019

Our Q3 2019 Quarterly Report it out with highlights on ESG Ratings and Fixed Income Strategies.

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July 2019

Our Q2 2019 Quarterly Report is out and highlights Cidel Executor Services and Multi-Asset Class Strategies.

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