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Cidel is an elaborate organism –– a collection of people and services, each with specific expertise and focus.

While each element has stand­-alone strength, our unique ability lies in how we connect all the moving parts. Pulling in the right people at the right time, we unlock the power of the team. At the same time, to ensure solutions are delivered with ease and authenticity, our clients have a single point of contact. One person with one goal – to harness the power of our organization and take exceptional care of you.

Finally, our strong personal touch is supported by world-class information technology. There is powerful engine at work for you, ensuring that all Cidel clients have the highest standard of safety, efficiency and transparency at their fingertips.

These are the four steps we follow at Cidel to get you where you want to go:



We get to know you, gather information and documents and truly understand your vision and goals.



We review the themes you’ve shared with us and develop priorities, objectives, recommendations and alternative scenarios.



We develop a strategy for implementation and a timeline for completion, tapping our in-house services and leveraging our network of external professionals.


Monitor & Manage

We maintain an ongoing dialogue between advisors and clients, focusing on ongoing education, service and accountability.