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Looking Back
In our opinion, these were the most important stories of Q2...
Fed stays the course – The U.S. Federal Reserve followed through on its pledge to raise interest rates by increasing the key rate by 0.25% at its June meeting, setting the stage for the Bank of Canada to begin the third quarter with a similar move
May’s Folly – UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s snap election backfired as she lost her majority government, greatly diminishing her chances for a “hard” Brexit
Amazon to take over the world? Amazon announced that it would be purchasing Whole Foods, bringing the online behemoth into a new business – brick and mortar stores. The ripples were felt across the retail world
Brazil’s Rude Awakening – Brazil’s equity market was sent crashing in May after President Temer was implicated in a witness tampering scandal, muddying what has been a favourable environment for emerging market equities in general


Looking Forward
Cidel’s Head of Asset Allocation Bill McKay on what has our attention for Q3…
A return to lower volatility and what that means to investors – After ticking up during the first quarter on the back of increased political uncertainty, equity market volatility has fallen to multi-year lows – but investors should not become complacent...
Fund flows into equities continue to be strong – Europe and other non-US markets have been the beneficiary as US valuations remain high...
US tax reform seems far more distant – Struggle with health care bill portends big delay in meaningful tax reform, a key driver of stock market optimism...
Fed and Bank of Canada tightening – Impact of recent decision by both central banks to raise key rates will impact risk assets and personal balance sheets...
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Spotlight on Trustee Services

Our new Guide to Cidel’s Trust Services, highlighting some exciting developments in our Canadian trust offering.
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The Great Unwind

Cidel’s Chief Investment Officer Arthur Heinmaa on the Federal Reserve’s massive challenge ahead: unwinding a $4.5 trillion balance sheet
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